The Action Plan!

The purpose of the action plan is to organize myself and state my week by week action plan for term four.

Dates working backwards so that I can move forward:

5/27 -- Cry. And at the recommendation of my reader, eat bon-bons and watch trashy television.

5/26 -- SYP Gala Reception 6-8 in the library.

5/24, Week of -- Formal Presentations

5/17, Week of -- Informal and Formal Presentations

5/10 -- Final Draft Due, and Back in SYP class for the week. Practice. Practice. Practice.

5/5 -- AP Chinese Test. Hooray for it being over.

5/3 -- the SYP schedule says I should be calming myself and lessening my anxiety so I will be playing ukulele! And doing lots of work. Final draft of paper will be due in one week. So I will be tightening it up.

4/26, Week Of -- Continue writing and continue field work. Paper will be due in a two weeks, so it should be fairly solid by this point

4/19 -- Draft two due; April Vacation Week. This week's topic is Waste and Recycling. So I will think of ways to reduce waste, and implement good recycling. Compost falls under this category.

4/15 -- Today, I will get the Annotated Bibliography and Works Cited pages solidified.

4/12 -- Keep writing, researching, and doing some field work. After this week I will have wanted to have assessed my own home, developed a list of things to improve. Over the next few weeks I will be implementing the changes I see fit, while taking notes on the whole process. Keep Writing and Researching along with field work. This week's topic is Heating the home/ HVAC. Basically air related stuff.


4/5 -- The Fourth Term has started, field work begins. I am going to be very terrified in a good way. This week I will be doing more research, and educating myself about home energy audits and getting one scheduled. Weekly Goals will be continuing research, continue writing, make basic changes to house. Think Water! (Install water saving devices!) As field work Progresses, I will be taking notes.

4/2 -- Interview with Dennis Carlberg, Director of Sustainability at Boston University.

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For information about my paper, please visit the "paper" page!