What is this "Paper" thing all about? I thought you were doing a project?!?

Along with the project, I have a paper. My project, for example, will be adding green technologies to my home, but the Paper will be a scholarly evaluation of the topic of Greengineering, and will also include details of my field work.

^^ That's the final Research Paper!

This is a copy of my ORIGINAL OUTLINE

1. Intro
1.1 What is Greengineering?
1.2 Why does it matter?
1.3 Big Three
1.4 How do you make it easy when it isn't?

2. Brief History of Energy usage And our relationship with energy
2.1 peoples' relationship with energy
2.2 Ancient Peoples worshiped nature, it is where their energy came from
2.3 The sustainable energy movement is giving energy back into the hands of people
2.3.1 This has never happened before in history. What does it mean to not have to rely on others for your energy usage?

3.Our relationship with energy
3.1 quick and cheap.
3.1.1 Coal Power in America
3.2 we want dominion over it
3.2.1 Energy on Demand
3.3 Coal is cheap, nut comes at a cost
3.3.1 The immediate pay off of coal is it's attraction

4. Consequences of our current methods and the case for energy efficiency.
4.2 oh yeah, and the planet/human race... "blah blah blah hippie stuff".
4.3 Population issues and energy issues and food issues compound the problem

5. Reasons for and against change
5.1 the failure of previous "green" movements
5.1.1 What happened in the 70's Oil Crisis. Mention Kyoto here? Was their failure the concentration on the planet? I think so.
5.2 Actually making Greengineering easy when it really isn't.
5.3 Is it meant for a buisness or can people do it themselves?
5.3.1 The answer is anyone, you just have to make concious thought followed by deliberate action
5.4 what is the deal with Nuclear Energy?

6. Application of change, and it's method
6.1 Field work will go here
interviews with engineers
modifications to my house
being as dirt cheap as possible
consider how I can make it easier for future generations
Interviews with real life human beings
6.2 How do people view energy efficiency? who has already modified their house? Who wants to but does not know how to?
6.3 Kyoto 1987?
6.3.1 Government's hand in climate change.

7. Results of change
6.1 Humanitarian movement: energy in the hands of the people.
6.2 More time to smell roses.

8. Conclusion