The Greengineering Philosophy:

Greengineering is a new term. Right now my spell check wants me to change it to either "bioengineering, engineering, or greengrocery." Maybe it will be added to the dictionary at some point. But that is not important now.

What is important now is saving the world. An apt definition for a "greengineer" is "the new kind of superhero." Greengineering is about saving the planet, finding solutions to problems in a manner that is in harmony with nature, and being more efficient. It is all the aspects of engineering, economics and more combined with the drive to be greener.

In our think-tank at Newton North High School every "b-block" (and even when "class" is not in session), we stop being students and transcend the common standards of a "class." I see my peers become outstanding and fierce businessmen and women, they become biodiesel manufacturers who smile at the sight and smell of grease; above all everyone steps up to become professionals who make the choices we should have made a long time ago.

We all become greengineers, looking for solutions that are as good for our company as they are for our planet and customers; Inside of all of us there is the potential to change the world, and all that it takes is conscious thought followed by action.

The greengineers have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. GREENGINEERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!"