Welcome to Greengineering For The Masses!

What I aim to do:

  • The Paper side of my project will discuss what went wrong with the sustainable energy movement in the 1970's, and what is going on in our current sustainability movement that will make it succeed.

Fixing The Future

  • I will develop curriculum for the Greengineering 101 class offered next year at Newton North High School based off of my research.

Need Help?

  • I am a professional Greengineer, as well as a part of Newton North High School's Greengineering Program. We, and I can find any solution to your efficiency or environmental issues! Now that's service!
  • Contact us at: greengineers1@gmail.com
  • Contact me personally at: brendanthehathaway@gmail.com
  • Check out our wiki at: The NNHS Greengineers' Wiki.
  • Any other questions or queries can be given to me at brendanthehathaway@gmail.com. I am more than happy to help with any questions!


  • This is a Newton North High School Senior Year Project. But that does not mean it isn't for real. This is very real.
  • Check out Newton North's SYP wiki page for more information.